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Kumihimo Keychain 1
The kumihimo keychains are now here! Woohoo! Kumihimo is an ancient japanese braiding technique, and it's mesmerizing once you get started on it. Very peaceful and relaxing to do, so all of my keychains were made with peace and love! 100% cotton yarn is used, and each keychain is handbraided and knotted. Each keychain also includes a swirl charm, because Groovy Gal loves swirls! The keychains measure approximately 7" from the far side of the ring to the end of the tassel. The braided portion measures approximately 5 inches. Let me tell ya...I'm a high school English teacher, and my students are CRAZY about these! Everyone wanted one (and I taught them how to make them)... They'd make one, and come back the next day, saying that their friend or mom or dad swiped theirs, so then they'd make another one. BIG HIT with everyone, so these would make awesome stocking stuffers or anytime-gifts. They're very durable and colorful--I've got a rainbow of yarn colors, so if you don't see a combination you like (such as school colors, team colors, sorority/fraternity colors, etc...), give me a shout and I'll make a custom one for you. As always, I'm happy to combine shipping for multiple items, and to refund any overpayment in shipping exceeding $3.00. Enjoy carrying around your handbraided kumihimo keychain! And THANK YOU for promoting independent artisans!